Ceiling and floor elements play a major role in the construction of prefabricated wooden frame houses. It is important that ceilings are resistant to heat, since they are subject to frequent heat from long periods of sunlight during the day. Ceilings that act as floors at the same time need to be stable and tough and capable of holding heavy loads..

Basic House ensures that all of the materials used in the production of these elements are of the highest quality so as to achieve optimal support and function.



1    Chip Board
2    Wooden frame
3    Mineral Wool Insulation
4    PE-folie
5    Wooden Laths
6    Gypsum Board

In ceilings, glue-laminated or metal beams can be used. The size and modifications of the beams are selected via static calculation.




1    Glue laminated beam
2    Metal beam


 In all types of the multi houses, ceiling/floors can be anti fire or with sound isolation.



1    Gypsum Board
2    Wooden Laths
3    PE-folie
4    Mineral Wool Insulation
5    Wooden Battens
6    Chip Board
7    Sound Protection
8    Strengthened gypsum Board

This illustration presents one of the many possible ceiling variants.


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