Model Type: Lilemajad

Kitchen: 1

Floors: 1  

Dining Area: 1

Bedrooms: 2

Bath: 1 bath

Living area: 64,4 m2

Building area: 81,4 m2

Bringing the feel of the outdoors to your doorsteps…

A prefab modular home that has all the basic sections, this house offers a fully-functional home that is ideal for bachelors or small families. The open front porch creates an airy and shaded space that is useful in any season. It links to a wide area on both sides of the house that can be converted into patios. A spacious deck opens from the back door which is perfect for outdoor dining, additional seating and barbecues.

A modern house with functional elements…

This compact house has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 large living room, 1 compact kitchen, 1 dining area and a service area. It has floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows which provide sufficient light from outside.

The flat roof makes this house strong even in rainy and windy seasons.

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