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About US

Basic House LLC is a EU company that specializes in the production and installation of prefabricated wooden frame houses.

During its years of operation, Basic House has created an amazing portfolio of prefabricated wooden frame houses all over Sweden.

Our vision of creating sustainable homes is the driving force for us to create strategic designs, to produce the highest quality wood elements and to perform accurate installation so as to produce a passive house that will last for a lifetime.

Our areas of operation focus on the fabrication of wooden elements based on our existing designs, the transport of manufactured elements to the site and installation.

We make the following prefabricated wooden structures:



terraced houses

mobile and office units


single-family houses

multi-family houses

summer houses



mountain cabins

beach houses

We have been delivering high-quality prefabricated timber frame buildings in Sweden since 2007. Our services are also available in other Scandinavian countries.

Basic House’s production sites are located in Estonia – Kabala, Tartu and Vedu.

Basic House easily performs projects based on the architectural plans of the customer.

Our main objective is offering high-quality, economical house packages with client-oriented service and prices using modules produced under known trademarks. We pay high regard to the speed and quality of service we deliver to our clients, which are important in keeping them satisfied.

Fabrication Process

All sections of a house are prefabricated in our factories, which are controlled environments where moisture levels are strictly monitored. Our construction team ensures that all components and elements are assembled following our strict quality standards during the production process. We have a healthy working relationship with partners representing the most trusted brands, bringing us the best insulation and waterproofing materials that make our roof, ceiling and wall elements strong and resistant to damaging environmental factors. Every element undergoes stress tests to validate their strength and durability.


After every element is finished, a quality inspection is performed to ensure that only elements of good quality are used. Here are some of our elements.

External WallsInternal WallsCeilingRoof in ElementsRoof in Farms

Transport of Elements

Basic House builds prefabricated wooden frame structures everywhere in Scandinavia. Once the elements are produced in our factories, we transport them to the site with the greatest degree of care. All of the elements are loaded onto a cargo truck and off-loaded at the customer’s site.

We see to it that every stage in the manufacturing of house elements up to installation complies with the standards that help ensure quality Scandinavian homes.

Our Project Process

Why Choose Basic House LLC?

Basic House LLC understands the needs and wishes of its clients. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality and most cost-effective housing using the most advanced technology in the fabrication of wooden element houses. Because we know that a good home builds lasting memories, we are more than happy to be part of making your very own home sweet home.

With us, you can be sure that:

We try our best to fit your preferences to our pre-made designs

If you have your own design, we will build it for you

All materials are made from high-quality resources

We will coordinate every detail of the assembly with you from start to finish

We discuss all prices upfront with no hidden surprises

You get the best house at the most cost-effective prices

Basic House LLC also supports and protects the environment. We only produce green, eco-friendly houses. All of our wood resources are replenished to protect future generations.

Smart use of resources + Advanced Technology = Basic House LLC

Basic House uses all raw materials and other resources wisely. We make sure that we maximize all materials according to their purpose and minimize waste by recycling whenever possible. This smart use of resources, when matched with advanced technology in the fabrication of house elements, makes Basic House a master in the production of prefabricated wooden frame structures.

Are you planning to build yourself a new home? Let us know and we will be privileged to build it for you!


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